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We, at The Eminent Group, have built a strong reputation in facility management. We aim to move forward little bit extra for our clients’ investments. Making the right choice is extremely important when contracting a business who will take care of your building. This decision can have a considerable effect on the building’s future capital growth for investors and your clients. Furthermore, choosing the right company who is proactive and works well with Strata Managers to ensure that the client satisfaction is paramount to any business relationship.

Any successful business is to build on systems. We, at The Eminent Group, have implemented systems of the ISO standard for Management, Quality Control and Safety. These systems have been an integral part of the continued growth of The Eminent Group. Equally important are the strict guidelines we have put in place for all the staffs at our company which has guaranteed a consistently high level of service.

We believe that to provide our clients with the best service available we to implement world renowned technology. Communication is the key to any successful business relationship whether it is positive or negative. All communications are valued and acted upon the same day and not 48 hours later.

We are consistently and proactively working in ways to keep the building in its original condition. Our primary focus is to look after our clients’ buildings and grounds and to ensure outstanding service because we believe it is important for The Eminent Group’s investment.

Our Staff

Our Staff are outstanding in their field, excelling in experience and skills. We offer comprehensive services that take years of knowledge and industry specific equipment for vibrant results. Whether you require a once in deep cleaning or weekly or daily cleaning services, we are equipped to provide you with the services that lift stains, bring out the shine, maintain your building and grounds, leaving all lush and shining.

If your strata requires a periodic clean-up, it will be cleaned to the highest standards. Our results are superior.

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For more information on Strata and Commercial Cleaning Services and Grounds Maintenance from The Eminent Cleaning Group, we welcome you to contact us at the number below. We can also be reached through our “Enquire Now” form that is located at the top right of our page.

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"LivStyle. We develop premium apartments, handing over our apartments to owners has never been easier since using the eminent group for cleaning "

Director: Aaron Tippett