Appearances are crucial in the corporate landscape.  This extends not only to how your present yourself but also the appearance of your office or retail building.  A clean work environment does much more for you company than simply providing a clean aesthetic.  A clean office supports employee wellbeing and promotes increased productivity, resulting in faster turnover rates and thus more profits. It can also establish strong impressions from clients and partners, giving them the confidence to trust in your company.  At Eminent, we offer a commercial cleaning service with a solid focus in efficiency and quality.  Whether your property is a large office building, or a small retail shopfront, we are equipped and ready to handle any necessities that you may have.  Our commercial cleaning service will help your business grow and flourish.

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As urbanisation and overpopulates continues to pervade our cities, strata housing will be used more and more to accommodate the high density lifestyle.  We at Eminent offer an expansive range of strata cleaning services that can cover any requirements your particular building may have.  We have a long and proven history of providing top quality strata cleaning services, and make it a duty to enhance the living experience for the tenants residing in the strata building.  Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of what strata managers, property managers, and the owner corporations as whole generally expect.  We not only strive to meet these expectations, but to surpass them to the most of our ability.  Our strata cleaning team is made up of not only high qualified people, but also specifically those who have the motivation to provide top quality strata cleaning services.

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"LivStyle. We develop premium apartments, handing over our apartments to owners has never been easier since using the eminent group for cleaning "

Director: Aaron Tippett