Building Management

Concierge Services

The Eminent Group understands that often business’ require personnel to help assist their customers. We provide the service of friendly assistants that are highly skilled in personal conduct and communication, as well as knowledgeable in industries such as hospitality. We offer concierge services Sydney that focus on quality, including:

  • Assisting Residents
  • Providing local knowledge to residents
  • Booking taxis
  • Opening doors
  • Assisting resident with luggage
  • Referring residents to cleaning services
  • Making reservations for residents
  • Maintain key log
  • Produce weekly concierge reports
  • Maintain the move in and notice diary
  • Maintain daily occurrence book
  • Maintain safety of premises and personnel
  • Access control
  • Calling the lifts
  • Maintain parcel log

Daily Operation

  • Be dressed in The Eminent Group uniform and conduct duties in a professional manner
  • Be courteous and helpful wherever possible
  • Ensure all residents are following and complying with By-Laws. Enforce if they are not being followed
  • Communicate and liaise with all residents, occupants and strata managers when required
  • If new site report all defects to Property developer
  • Ensure all Cleaning & Grounds teams are following there scope of works
  • Ensure any request from the buildings committee, strata managers are managed and met as soon as possible
  • Conduct weekly checks to ensure the correct operation of all plant equipment and general facilities.
  • In the case of maintenance request. A investigation and report is carried out prior to the commencement of work.
  • Manage, maintain and provide all relevant administration, registers, records and databases so they can be viewed at anytime on the building link system
  • Provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week response to emergency. Establish and maintain an asset register
  • Establish and maintain a security register for common property keys and fobs/swipes by conducting annual audits of all keys issued and take appropriate action to enhance security through the cancellation or recording of keys
  • Co-ordinate and manage bookings for move-ins and outs, function and meeting rooms as well as recreation areas.
  • Ensure waste serives are working fine.

Management of Contractors & Certifiers

  • Ensure all contractors have correct license and qualifications for the line of work and WH&S systems in place.
  • Confirm all contractors have correct insurance for their line of work.
  • Ongoing reviews of contracts and agreements of service to ensure the Owners Corporation, receiving the most cost efficient and relevant service in line with their requirements.
  • Advise the Owners Committee about the tenders and quotes received.
  • Issue work orders to contractors/service providers after approval by the Owners Corporation.
  • Ensure all service providers are following the scope of works, agreed Facilitate and oversee works undertaken by service providers.
  • Process the contractors’/service providers’ invoices for payment and liaise with the Owners Corporation and the Strata Manager.

Reporting & Meetings

  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee and Owners Corporation
  • Provide a monthly report which details the following:
    • Safety concerns in common property
    • Progress of ongoing issues
    • Due maintenance in common property
    • Performance of agents
    • Contractors or other employees of the Owners Corporation


Schedule a yearly plan of routine for the Maintenance Service.

The Eminent Group will monitor the following service:

  • Fire Service
  • Lifts
  • Pumps – cold water booster pumps, sewer pumps and stormwater pumps
  • Electronics – fans, air conditioning units and cooling tower
  • Cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Security – Intercom, CCTV and Access Control
  • Landscaping & Gardening
  • Pool Service
  • Gymnasiums and Recreational facilities
  • Assist with the follow-up of defects or existing problems within the property upon receiving a Defects Report. This will be achieved through Communicating with Owners Corporation representatives
  • Managing the status of defect repairs
  • Assisting the builder with access and general information
  • Documentation and reporting of further defects to the builder
  • Maintain up-to-date drawings of plant, service and installation of equipment
  • Regularly inspect common areas, plant and equipment to identify and address any issues
  • Daily inspections – general inspection of common area
  • Weekly inspections – operational  inspection of plant and equipment
  • Respond to and investigate all maintenance failures and liaise with immediate contractors
  • Keep a log of individual maintenance tasks that are being carried out.

Our Web Based System- How Will Building Link Help Me?

To ensure The Eminent Group is one step ahead in the Facilities Management field, we have searched high and low for the best communication software in the world.

We understand how busy each resident’s life can be sometimes. Through communication, we can advise you via voice recorded mobile message, text message regarding any issues within your building, allowing you the extra time to focus on the more important things that matter.

Example 1: The basement door in your building breaks down and you are not aware of it. Meanwhile, you are on your way home. You received a text message on your mobile phone saying: “Roller door not opening in your building. Back on line in approximately 45 minutes”. This is a message sent by our Building Facilities Manager. What do you do? Instead of going home and waiting outside your building, you can head over and have your car washed while sipping on your favourite coffee.

Example 2: You would be aware of the Annual Fire Safety inspection which is carried out annually. On many occasions, we have attempted to access apartments on that specific day only to find residents have forgotten about the appointment. In this situation there is a $240 return service call fee. Picture this- Four weeks prior to the Annual Fire Safety Inspection you receive a calendar reminder from the Building Facility Manager that reads, “Annual Fire Safety Inspection 4 May at 7.30. Please provide access.” You will accept the reminder and can totally forget about it. 24 hours prior to the appointment you will receive the alert once again.

Example 3: When you place a faulty issue to the Building Facilities Manager, the number you will be provided in receipt can be used to log onto our system and track the status.


"LivStyle. We develop premium apartments, handing over our apartments to owners has never been easier since using the eminent group for cleaning "

Director: Aaron Tippett